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Stainless Steel Precision Casting Technology And Research

In the production of stainless steel products, some products have peculiar shapes and cannot be produced by bending pipe technology. Using wax mold, sand mold and liquid material filling molding process, products with irregular shapes (hollow or solid) are produced.

Application of 3D Printing Technology in Precision Casting Industry

Rapid prototyping manufacturing technology is the focus of attention in the world today. As a traditional process, casting can obtain castings with complex shapes, large volumes, low manufacturing costs and high flexibility. Give full play to their characteristics and advantages, and obtain objective economic benefits in the trial production of new products.

Silica sol investment casting shell

Ordinary carbon steel is mainly used to manufacture mechanical parts and various metal components with general strength requirements, and is widely used in all aspects of mechanical manufacturing. In order to improve the performance of steel, other alloying elements are added on the basis of carbon steel. Alloy steel has different properties, such as high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance and other excellent special properties.

The characteristics of the four shell making processes of precision casting

One, water glass shell This process has been produced in China for nearly 50 years. After half a century of unremitting efforts by colleagues in the precision casting industry, the application and research of water glass shell technology has reached a high level. Over the years, the strength of the water glass shell has doubled due to the improvement of refractory materials for the back shell and the popularization and application of new hardeners. Low cost, shortest production cycle, excellent shelling performance and high air permeability are still the advantages of any other shelling technology.

The general status of precision casting

1. Overview of Precision Casting Precision casting is the general term for precision casting technology. Precision casting is a metal forming object obtained by precision casting, that is, molten liquid metal is poured into a pre-prepared casting mold through pouring, injection, suction or other casting methods, and then cooled to obtain a certain shape, Size and performance. The shape of the object. Precision casting includes investment casting, ceramic casting, metal casting, pressure casting and lost foam casting. Among them, investment casting is more commonly used, also known as lost wax casting: select suitable investment materials (such as paraffin) to make investment; repeated use of refractory coatings and sandblasting processes on the investment, harden the shell and dry; when investment casting , Using heat treatment process. When melting the internal investment mold to obtain a cavity; calcining the shell to obtain sufficient strength and burn off the residue. Mold materials; metal materials required for pouring; solidification, cooling, shelling, sand cleaning, so as to obtain high-precision products. According to product requirements or heat treatment, cold treatment and surface treatment.
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